Facial needling during treatment

Facial needling during treatment

Dullness, lines & sagging getting you down?

Anti-Aging: combat dullness, lines and loss of firmness.

Are you tired of looking tired? Does it upset you when people comment on how tired you look? Are you frustrated because you’ve bought every cream claiming to hydrate your dry skin but your skin is still tight, rough and flaky? Are you worried about the lines on your face? What about the loss of tone and firmness causing certain areas in your face to droop and sag? Do you feel you are ‘looking old’ but don’t want to do anything drastic like Botox or going under the knife?

What if someone told you you didn’t need to? What if there was a natural, safe and effective way of changing your skin and firming your face? What if there was something you could do that not only addressed your skin, but could have you glowing from the inside out? There is – it’s called Cosmetic Acupuncture.

When people think of anti-aging solutions, these things primarily come to mind: facials and skincare products, and the more extreme option of Botox and fillers. You have nothing to lose with trying facials and different lotions and creams, however, you are only ever going to be working with the skin and the surface of your face, ie- you can improve the texture or clarity of the skin, but it will not work on the firmness or tone of your face. Results with surface-targeted treatments are not long term, and skin will retain effects for only a matter of days. Botox involves injecting bacteria toxins into your face, and fillers involved injecting chemicals into your face- both procedures can leave you with bruising, inflammation and discomfort, not to mention the downtime and possible side affects involved. Effects, if any, will only last 2-3 months before the procedure must be repeated, otherwise your face will look the same as when you started, if not worse. What if i asked you to think outside of the Botox?

Instead of aiming for quick fixes, Cosmetic Acupuncture can help address concerns of lines, sagging, drooping, tension, dullness and dryness through a series of gentle treatments that will leave your face looking radiant, younger and healthier. The best part is that if maintained, results can last for years, not just days. Cosmetic acupuncture treatments not only target the skin surface, but the whole face as well; from the skin, through the tissues and down to the muscles. This is what sets Cosmetic Acupuncture apart- the fact that we take into account the whole face and the body is not neglected in Cosmetic Acupuncture. Imbalances and problems in your body and issues with your general health will also be addressed; the aim is to get you feeling your best, to look your best.

Cosmetic Acupuncture is the answer you’ve been looking for. It’s natural, safe and it works.
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