How Cosmetic Acupuncture Works

The different techniques used in Facial Rejuvenation for youthful, glowing skin

Dr. Vivian’s “Triple Threat Against Aging”

There are three techniques that are used together during your Cosmetic Acupuncture treatment which are unique to Cosmetic Acupuncture Melbourne to achieve the most effective and outstanding results.

Dr. Vivian Tam likes to call this her “Triple Threat Against Aging”.


Lift and Tone

Target: Muscles in the face
Technique: Motor points

In this first technique, Motor points are targeted in muscles of the face.

A motor point is a specific location in the muscle where the nerves meet the muscle. When needled, the muscle will elicit a response and send a signal to the Central Nervous System.

From here, tight muscles are instructed to relax, and loosened, weak or drooping muscles will be instructed to tighten or lift. An overall tightened and lifted feeling and appearance can be experienced from this technique alone.


Firm and Tighten

Target: Facial Soft tissue & Skin
Technique: Stimulate collagen and elastin production

In this second technique, we are working to boost the collagen and elastin in the facial tissues as well as the skin and ultra-fine acupuncture needles are placed through areas of the face that need a boost of collagen and elastin.

This totally painless technique causes a “microtrauma” in the local area, signalling the body’s healing cells to start a process of collagen and elastin production to repair the area.

This may result in softening of lines and firming of the face by adding back density to an area that has had a loss of volume.


Circulate, Boost and Balance

Target: Blood circulation & harmonise body
Technique: Boost blood circulation to oxygenate and revitalise.

Thirdly, but not lastly, this needling technique aims to promote nutrient-rich blood circulation to the area, oxygenating the facial tissue and skin.

Free flowing Qi (energy) and blood in the face will help move any blockages and stagnation, promoting a bright, clear and glowing complexion. When the facial tissue is happy, so is the skin- the skin receives oxygen and nutrient exchange from the facial tissue, resulting in soft, supple and more hydrated skin.

Acupuncture points in your body are also specifically chosen to balance and free flow your entire body system. This aims to eliminate and balance any health concerns or disharmony that may be holding you back from looking your best.

Each Cosmetic Acupuncture treatment prescription or plan is tailored exactly to your needs and presenting concerns, so no two treatments are the same.

Put your face into the hands of an industry leader and see how Dr. Vivian’s “Triple Threat Against Aging” can help you firm, lift and brighten your skin and help transform your skin to its most revitalised and youthful form.