What to Expect

A brief guide of what happens in your Cosmetic Acupuncture appointment
So that you can be comfortable to enjoy your experience at Cosmetic Acupuncture Melbourne, we’ve put together some information about what to expect in your Cosmetic Acupuncture consultation and treatment with Dr. Vivian.

Your comfort is our priority, so all aspects of your appointment, from start to finish is relaxed and easy.

Dr. Vivian is a very gentle and genuine practitioner with the knowledge and confidence to work with you, and you will always receive the best care possible at Cosmetic Acupuncture Melbourne.


Arriving a few minutes before your appointment time is appreciated so you can fill out a easy 1-page intake form.

When your first appointment is confirmed at Cosmetic Acupuncture Melbourne, you should receive a confirmation email with details of your booking and other information like parking & payment facilities.

During your consultation, your concerns about your face and skin will be discussed and Dr. Vivian will make a thorough assessment of muscles, soft tissue and skin. The findings will be discussed with you with a clear and concise explanation of your skin health. During the consultation, you are welcome to ask any questions you may have.

Your overall health is also assessed through questions and pulse and tongue diagnosis to find any internal health imbalances so we can treat any disharmony or general health concerns that may be contributing to the health of your facial skin and appearance.

A thorough treatment plan and realistic expectations will be discussed with you during the first appointment so you know how many treatments you may need and what to expect.



No two treatments are the same, but typically a treatment will include Facial Acupuncture, Acupuncture points on the body to balance overall health (hormones, energy, anxiety etc), Gua Sha (a light massage with a traditional facial scraping tool to enhance blood flow and lymphatic drainage, and a gentle facial massage.

At Cosmetic Acupuncture Melbourne, only the best quality products are used. World leading Ultra-fine specialised facial needles from Japan are used and treatment is completely pain-free. Needles are usually left in for about 20 minutes.

During your treatment the lights are off and you are left to relax and allow the needles to do their magic.

There isn’t much you need to do to prepare for your treatment. If you wear make up, we will help you remove it with a gentle make up remover during the treatment. If you would like to use your own products, please feel free to bring your own in.

There is no downtime involved with Cosmetic Acupuncture, so you are free to put on skincare and make up after you are finished and go out. No one will never know you’ve had it!

Other information


75 minutes is allowed for an initial appointment with consultation and treatment.

Return appointments are 45 minutes.