Types of Acne

The different types of Acne that can be treated with Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine
Dr. Vivian Tam treats are different types of Acne, whether it be cystic, whiteheads, hormonal or stress related.

Cystic Acne

Do you suffer from cystic acne and have tried everything to get rid of it? Cystic acne presents itself as large pimples that are hard and very painful. They usually come up on the cheeks, chin, around the mouth, jawline and neck and last for at least 2 weeks before going away, never really coming to a head. It can affect anyone, however, more commonly teenagers and adult women. Perhaps you’ve had it all your life, or only started getting it after you came off the pill.

In Chinese Medicine, cystic type acne shows a pattern of ‘blood stagnation’. This means there is an aspect of the blood circulation not being as good as it can, causing blockage and swelling to occur. Often women who suffer from cystic acne will have very dark, thick and clotted menstrual bleeding. Of course there are many other things to take into account, but it shows us a bigger picture of where the acne is coming from.

Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acne acupuncture can very successfully treat cystic acne and eliminate it altogether by fixing the root cause and balancing out disharmony in the body by moving the blood stagnation and balancing the body, allowing your skin to become clear and your body brought back to good health.

Whiteheads & Common Acne

Whiteheads are usually small to moderate sized pimples that present with a white head. This white head is usually made up of oil and pus. Usually congestion and smaller pimples accompany this type of acne.

In Chinese Medicine, the pattern that often causes this type of outbreak is what we see as toxicity and heat in the body. A great way to imagine what this heat mean is if you imagine a “volcano”- a volcano is like an eruption of heat coming from the center of the earth, similar to a pimple coming up from “heat” in the body. Chinese Medicine for acne is very effective in removing this “heat” (Yin and Yang) in your body to balance out the body, thus treating the cause of your skin eruptions.

Toxicity can come from several things in the body, however, it is most commonly from lifestyle and digestion. If your digestion is not running 100%, chances are your body is not ridding of these toxins as well as it could. Chinese Medicine and acupuncture for acne can help boost digestion, and clear toxicity.

Acne Scarring

Have you got scars from when you suffered from Acne that you can’t seem to cover up? Purple and brown pigmentation and uneven and bumpy, pitted skin can be improved dramatically with Cosmetic Acupuncture! Facial needling can reduce the dark pigmentation associated with Acne, and can soften the pitting and uneven skin surface in the face by increasing blood movement and stimulating collagen in the local area to promote healthy skin renewal and growth.

The changes we’ve seen in the clinic for people with acne scarring have been amazing!