Results Timeline

What changes you can expect during your course of Facial Acupuncture treatments
The information below is a general description and timeline of what can be expected with Cosmetic Acupuncture treatments.

Timeline is based on 1 treatment per week.

Cosmetic Acupuncture Results Timeline

  1. Week 1 + 2
    From experience with patients in the clinic, results of hydrated, softened and glowing skin are visible within 1 – 2 weeks. One of the most common feedback we get is that patients say that even after the first treatment they find their skin has become softer and easier to manage. Their skin is hydrated and dryness disappears– this is due to the instant blood flow that arrives to the face and skin during facial acupuncture, oxygenating the cells and  boosting oxygen and nutrient transfer to the skin. Working on motor points will see that the muscles in the face are more relaxed and tension in brow and jawline is softening. There is increased colour in the face and a brightened complexion.
  2. Week 3 + 4
    At 3 – 4 weeks, a lifting and tightening sensation in the muscles can be reported in weakened, droopy muscles. The skin feels more refined and is softer and large pores are minimised. Many women tell us at this point that their make up is looking nicer and staying on for longer- this is due to the increased hydration of the skin. Fine lines and crepiness are beginning to soften and the skin is visibly more taut.
  3. Week 5 to 7
    The results of the stimulation of collagen with Cosmetic Acupuncture becomes evident at 5 – 7 weeks. The skin around the mouth and cheeks feel tighter and lines are beginning to soften. The soft tissue of the face feels firmer and denser and the face looks and feel plumper. There is a visible and palpable plumping out in targeted areas where there has been loss of volume. Muscles in the face will feel lifted and eyes will free brighter and more open.
  4. Week 8 to 12
    It can be expected that the best overall changes happen between 8 – 12 weeks. The face continues to feel firmer and denser, opening up the nasolabial fold and lifting marionette lines (folds off the corner of mouth that give off the sad/drooping look). Lines have softened and skin looks plump, hydrated and taut. The complexion is even, pores are smaller, and redness diminished.
  5. Maintenance
Results depend on your own body’s ability to respond to the stimulation that the facial needles and treatment provide. It is generally accepted that the healthier you are, the more optimal your results will be as your body’s response system is at its best.

Cosmetic Acupuncture treatments are cumulative, meaning the benefits continue to add to each other and results enhance each treatment. Maintenance sessions are recommended every 4 to 8 weeks depending on your age and skin type. The results achieved, when maintained, can last for years.