An older woman about to have Cosmetic Acupuncture for wrinkles and anti-aging.

100% natural and pain-free, cosmetic acupuncture is best known as an alternative to more invasive anti-ageing treatments like botox, laser and microneedling. However, it’s actually beneficial for a much broader range of skin concerns – and may even be appropriate for those in their teens.

From dullness to dryness and hyperpigmentation, read on to discover everything your cosmetic acupuncture therapist can target in just one or two relaxing treatments.

Wrinkles, fine lines and sagging

A form of collagen induction therapy (CIT), facial acupuncture helps improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by creating a ‘trauma’ that stimulates the production of collagen. By targeting the motor points of the face, your therapist can also enlist muscles to release or tighten as needed, resulting in increased muscle tone and firmness.

An improvement in skin tone and a lifted look will be visible after just 1 or 2 treatments, while 6 sessions (spaced a week apart) are typically required for maximum firming, collagen-boosting and wrinkle-smoothing results. As collagen continues to break down with time, maintenance sessions are advised every 4-8 weeks, depending on age.

Preventative anti-ageing

In addition to winding back the clock, cosmetic acupuncture is a very useful preventative anti-ageing tool. As we age, our stores of collagen naturally deplete. It’s a fact of life, and something we can’t stop altogether. However, we can put up a good fight.

Firstly, we can help slow down collagen degradation by reducing inflammation with cosmetic acupuncture. We can also help ‘add back’ more collagen, by CIT. Think of this process like adding money to your bank account to protect against future withdrawals. You’re investing in your collagen stores now to help maintain a youthful complexion in the future!

Redness and flushing

If you’re prone to redness or rosacea, facial acupuncture might be for you. Calming inflammation, it helps make the skin stronger and more resilient. Many CA devotees report a decrease in sensitivity, less facial flushing and a reduction in redness.

Post-acne redness

Another major benefit of cosmetic acupuncture is its ability to reduce the post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation caused by acne. In Chinese Medicine, the redness that remains after an active pimple is attributed to blood stagnation. The ultra-fine needles used in acupuncture help break up this stagnation and disperse redness.

Sometimes, post-acne pigmentation is not red, but brown or purple – remaining on the skin for several months. CA can speed up the fading process by stimulating the body’s healing response. In treatments for acne marks, an improvement is typically seen in 2-3 sessions.

Dry or dehydrated skin

If you’re suffering from skin dryness or dehydration, cosmetic acupuncture can assist. Helping to stimulate blood circulation and promote lymphatic drainage, CA increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the skin. This enables the cells to behave more efficiently and hold on to more hydration. In just 1-2 sessions, skin will be softer, dewier and more hydrated.

Dull skin

This improvement in blood circulation will also result in a more radiant complexion. Dullness is often linked to dehydration, and CA promotes more hydrated, supple and glowing skin in a single session. Clients typically want to go back for more, however, and best results can be seen after a second treatment.

Mild acne

While cosmetic acupuncture is not recommended for more severe acne, it can be beneficial in mild acne-prone skin. Improving the overall health and resilience of the skin, facial acupuncture can clear blockages, reduce inflammation and help calm existing pimples. (While it won’t prevent future pimples, herbal medicines such as Zilch Acne Formula can be used to address the internal imbalances behind breakouts.)

Hyperpigmentation and blotchiness

Stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, acupuncture needles can help resolve blotchiness by reducing stagnation. Melasma (a type of pigmentation that’s often hormonal) can also be worked on with a body balancing treatment during your CA appointment. Brown spots can be lightened; however, it can take up to 4-6 sessions to see a real difference in notoriously tough-to-treat melasma.