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Success Stories – Before and After Treatment at Cosmetic Acupuncture Melbourne.

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Michael*, 15, male.
15 year old male with severe cystic acne from age 13. Skin presents with cystic acne, nodules, deep scarring and inflammation of the whole face. Within 2 weeks, new outbreaks and currently acne reduced by half, within 4 weeks acne 75% gone and no new cystic acne at all. By the end of 6 weeks, the patient presented with only 3 small whiteheads on chin with no sign of cystic acne. Skin needling introduced at week 6 to help with scarring, pitting and pigmentation and skin smoother and dark pigmentation lighter by at least 50% in 4 treatments.

Jess*, 39, female.
39 year old female with hormonal acne through most of cheek, chin and underneath jawline. Has had acne from age 13. History of trying antibiotics, all topical creams and roaccutane without success. Acne is a mix of cystic boils under the skin, and whiteheads. Herbal medicine has been prescribed and within 4 weeks, skin is improved by 50%. Within 9 weeks, patient reports that she has only had 2 new pimples in two weeks.

Kylie* 28, female.
28 year old female complains of acne breakout 4 months after coming off the contraceptive pill. Has tried topical creams but did not want to go on medication as trying to get pregnant in near future. Pimples are a mix of cystic acne along chin and jawline, and pustules on lower cheek. Inflammation is also very prevalent. Chinese Medicine is prescribed, and Acupuncture treatment once a week for 4 weeks is prescribed. By week 2, patient reports that she has not had one pimple since she started treatment.

Josephine* 58, female.
58 year old female coming from rural Victoria for Cosmetic Acupuncture to help with wrinkles and loss of firmness after menopause. Patient first presented most noticeably crepiness and many lines around mouth and cheek area from loss of volume. Josephine traveled 3.5 hours weekly for 6 sessions, and 4 more sessions fortnightly. After her course of 10 treatments, fine lines and crepiness around mouth and cheek area almost disappeared and face was plump. She had also told me her friends were convinced she had fillers because her face looked fuller and healthier.

Maria* 45, female.
Maria presented with severe swelling under her right eye from a reaction to dermal fillers. She had the dermal fillers reversed, but swelling did not subside. After 18 months, Maria sought a Plastic Surgeon and had a blepharoplasty procedure on her lower lid to remove swelling. This improved it, but there was still swelling present. The Plastic Surgeon suggested she try Cosmetic Acupuncture as there wasn’t much more he could do for her. After 6 treatments weekly, swelling has almost completely disappeared. The Cosmetic Acupuncture has stimulated the local area to signal to the body that there needs to be healing and repair.

*all names have been changed to ensure privacy.